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1. Californian sky
2. Formation over Wales
3. Taildragger Yak-52
4. Taildragger Yak-52 - Side view
5. Taildragger Yak-52 - Gear doors
6. Yak-52 with 'torpedo' fuel tank
7. Yak-52 on skis
8. Yaks in formation: 52, 50 and 11
9. Up side down...
10. Yak-52 with tip tanks...
11. ...and with big rudder
12. Tip tank - side view
13. Tip tank - rear view
14. Yak-52 with tip tanks in flight
15. Su-49 to take off first time in 2002.  Replacement for Yak-52?
16. SP-95, another two-seater with M-14P
17. I-3M. Different name for SP-95?
18. Su-29.  Ejection seat test
19. Yak-18A. Predecessor of the Yak-52
20. Nanchang CJ-6A. Chinese redesigned and built Yak-18A variant
21. CJ-6 in flight
22. Kisser's Yak-52. Photo by Birdlike Multimedia
23. OY-KIS upright. By Birdlike Multimedia / Danish Air Transport
24. ...and invered. By Birdlike Multimedia / Danish Air Transport
25. Yak-52. By Thorbjoern Brunander Sund / Danish Air Transport
26. Yak-52TW at Oshkosh 2001
27. Yak-52W Westernised

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