Since the early 1990's Yak-52 aircraft has become very popular in the West.  It is easy to understand why.
  • It is remarkably pleasant to fly, it has outstanding performance and aerobatic capabilities.
  • It is robust, reliable and very strong.
  • It can be purchased for the fraction of a purchase price of Western aerobatic aircraft, and it is easily obtainable from a number of suppliers in the West.
  • It has a shape, feel and sound of a classic Second World War fighter.
  • It is a two-seater and has acceptable touring capabilities.
  • Maintenance and spare parts are available in the West.

Flight characteristics of the Yak-52 enable adequately trained pilot to carry out any aerobatic manoeuvre, from basic to unlimited and inverted aerobatics.  In the former Soviet Union Yak-52 has been used for eight years as the only participating type for all pilots competing at all levels, including unlimited, at the events like the USSR National Aerobatic Championship.

The first impression might be that the Yak-52 is "easy to fly for fun".  Something not immediately obvious is that unlike most other light aircraft, it has an extremely broad flight envelope, and it is important for a Yak-52 pilot to safely develop their understanding of this capability.

With big radial engine, retractable undercarriage and a number of controls that are unusual for western aircraft, the Yak is also a complex type.  This demands pilots' discipline and knowledge of appropriate checks and procedures.

The Yak-52 aircraft was specifically designed for use in State run flying organisation known as "DOSAAF", and its design anticipated that pilots would be specially trained to fly it in the DOSAAF flying course.  Compulsory for all pilots, this training featured the Russian Air Force military discipline, extreme attention to details, and breadth of subjects studied.  The ground school during a five months period included study of the aircraft, engine and systems design, aircraft aerodynamics, performance, critical regimes, ground and air handling, all emergency procedures.

Here at Skytrace we can pass on our knowledge gained from 20 years of experience in operating Yak-52s.  The main purposes of the Type Conversion and Safety Programmes we offer are to make pilots safe and confident, to improve their knowledge of the aircraft, engine and systems design, and to help them to get new skills in flying this machine.  Our courses cover all aspects of air and ground handling from the aircraft pre-flight inspection, correct circuit procedures to the inverted flat spin recovery, sequence design and competition coaching.

Have a look at our Flying Programmes, which we normally offer to Yak owners and pilots who want a full type check-out onto the Yak-52.  They are based on the official Russian DOSAAF Flying Programme.  The Type Conversion and Safety Programme usually take about 10-12 hours, but we normally tailor the course taking into account pilot's objectives and experience.

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