The Aircraft
The Yak-52 is a two seater tandem aircraft designed in Russia by the Yakovlev Bureau.  The aircraft production started in 1979 in Romania (Aerostar).  Since then over 1,800 machines have been produced.  The Yak-52 was used in the Soviet Union as a basic military trainer as well as primary and advanced aerobatic trainer.  Thousands of Russian Air Force pilots went through training with DOSAAF (Air Cadets equivalent).  The Yak is all-metal, fully aerobatic machine with an inverted fuel system.  As an aircraft with excellent performance and remarkable strength (G limits +7/-5 with two pilots and full fuel) the Yak-52 enables training from basic to unlimited level.
General Data
Crew 2
Height 2.7 m
Length 7.745 m
Wing span 9.3 m
Wing area 15 sq. m
Dihedral 2 degrees
Wing incidence 2 degrees
Propeller diameter 2.4 m (V530TA-D35 constant speed propeller)
Wheel track 2.715 m
Engine M-14P, 360 hp, 9 cylinder radial
Weights, Fuel & Oil
Dry weight 1035 kg
Maximum takeoff weight 1315 kg
Maximum landing weight 1315 kg
Weight of crew with parachutes 180 kg
Fuel weight 90 kg
Oil weight 10 kg
Maximum fuel load 120 L
Maximum oil load 16 L
C of G limits (%) 17.5 - 27.0
Maximum level airspeed (at altitude 1000 m) 270 km/h
Range (10% fuel reserve at 190 km/h) 465 km (2 h 30 min)
Takeoff roll 180 - 200 m
Landing roll 330 m
Stall speed, engine at idle - erect flight, clean 120 km/h
Stall speed, engine at idle - flaps, gear down 110 km/h
Stall speed, engine at idle - inverted 150 km/h
Approach speed 160 km/h
Touchdown speed 115 - 120 km/h
Takeoff speed 120 km/h
Climb speed 170 km/h
Maximum ceiling (no oxygen equipment fitted) 4000 m
Never exceed speed (VNE) 420 km/h
Maximum manoeuvring speed 360 km/h
G limits +7/-5
Maximum gear extended speed 200 km/h
Maximum flaps extended speed 170 km/h
Minimum fuel qty for aerobatics 24 L
Maximum inverted flight time 2 min (followed by at least 3 min of erect flight)
Maximum oil load for cross-country 16 L
Maximum oil load for aerobatics 10 L
Minimum oil load 8 L

* The above technical data has been translated from  from the original "Yak-52 Pilots Operating Handbook", Moscow, 1990

Checks & Procedures
Yak-52 Pre-flight Inspection
Starting M-14P
Engine Runup Procedure
Emergency Procedures
Temperatures & Pressures
Stories & Impressions
Story of Steve
Story of Jack
Loose objects
Front and side view (27K)
Top view (25K)
Panels and switches
Circuit Procedures (3D)
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