Engine Runup Procedure

Note!  Before the runup,  the engine oil temperature must be at least 40 deg C and cylinder head temperature (CHT) not less than 120 deg. C.

Ensure the propeller control is set to fully fine (forward),  then perform the following checks:

1.  Set 70% RPM and cycle propeller three times.  When the propeller control is pulled fully back, verify 53% RPM.

2.  Set propeller fully fine, RPM=70% then move propeller control back to 64% RPM.  Note manifold pressure, move the throttle forward increasing manifold pressure by 100 mm - the RPM should remain constant  (some initial increase is acceptable before it settles back to 64%).  Throttle back to the previous manifold pressure, then move throttle back further to decrease manifold pressure by 100mm - RPM should remain constant (some initial decrease is acceptable).

3.  Set propeller fully fine,  RPM=70% and check both mags.  Maximum RPM drop allowed is 3%.

4.  Minimum RPM check:  Idle the throttle (prop still fully fine) - RPM should be 24%-28% with stable engine run (with no tendency to stop).  Check that the oil and fuel pressures are no less than 0.15 kg/cm2 for fuel, and 1.00 kg/cm2 for oil.  Press the volt-ammeter button and check battery voltage is 24V.

5.  Check the engine quick response:  from minimum RPM, move throttle forward increasing RPM to 80% within 1-2 seconds.  RPM must increase without delays, "flat spots" or misfire.

6.  Set 58% RPM,  check generator voltage is 27V-29V.

7.  Move the throttle back slowly, watching RPM and "Generator Failure" light.  The light should come ON when RPM is approximately 34%.  Then move throttle forward slowly - the light should come OFF when RPM= 36-38%.