The Yak 52 aircraft Type Conversion, Aerobatic and Safety Training with Skytrace. Yak-52 technical data, performance, flight limitations. Yak 52 checks and procedures.  Aerobatic instruction on Yaks. Yak-52 cockpit layout. Aerobatic training, aerobatic displays, air shows. Pre-flight inspection of the Yak 52. Yak-52 emergency procedures. Skytrace flying programmes on Yak-52s. Skytrace aerobatic school. Yakovlev 52, aerobatics, aviation, Yak-52 aircraft, instruction, flight school, Yaks, Yak 50, Yak 55, Yak 18, M-14P engine, Yak-52 systems.  Gennady Elfimov, Mark Jefferies, YAK UK, Richard Goode, DOSAAF, Yak Club, aerobatic course, Russian aerobatic school, Russian aviation, flight training, Yak-52 images. Aerobatic Competition training, aerobatic coaching.

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