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YAK 52 - My first impression
Jack in Crimea
Loose objects
Front and side view (27K)
Top view (25K)
Panels and switches
Circuit Procedures (3D)
Circuit Procedures (top view)
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            Warning and Disclaimer
            UK Airshow Review: North Weald Air Display, 10 May 1998
            UK Airshow Review: Cosford Air Show, 14 June 1998
            UK Airshow Review: North Weald Air Display, 16 May 1999
            UK Airshow Review: RAF Waddington, 26-27 June 1999
            Andrew Bates (f4 Aviation): North Weald Air Display, 16 May 1999
            "Today's Pilot" magazine
            YAK UK LTD
            Richard Goode Aerobatics
            Wesley Crutchfield:  THE YAK 52 And Two Days In Halfpenny Green.
            Paul Ross: Russian Aerobatic School.
            Doug's YAK-52 homepage... Kansas, USA
            Dennis Savarese - YAK 52 World, USA
            An Introduction to the M14P for Flat-Engine Pilots by Fred Abramson
            The European Yak Club
            The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
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